Anna Spiakowska - Onurah: iPhone Art, Digital Art, Photo Manipulation, Art On Screen - [AOS] Magazine

Anna Spiakowska

„Every each photo comes from all my heart“

Anna Spiakowska – Onurah. Digital Artist, Foto Manipulation

Anna Spiakowska - Onurah: Digital Artist, Photo Manipulation, Art On Screen - [AOS] Magazine
Anna Spiakowska – Onurah: Digital Artist, Photo Manipulation, Art On Screen – [AOS] Magazine
[…] I was born in 1986 in Poland in Stettin. Since 2008 I live in the beautiful capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. I’m a happy mom of very sensitive, introverted boy. I see in him a huge part of my own sensibility. Since 2011, I’m dealing with photo manipulation. I’m only working on the iPhone application Art Studio. Combining elements in a blender, which then dash by dash I’m painting to give the picture a uniform texture and unique character. Every each photo comes from all my heart. Edit usually takes me a dozen, sometimes tens of hours of work. What gives me great pleasure, emotions and experiences.

Ice Dream, Offer, Make a wish, December, GIVE ME LOVE

My paintings are very rich in detail. I take care of it very much. I’m what they represent.

No Mercy, Lucys Friends, Lucys Game

You see them most frequently in these dark side of my soul, and these images are closest to me. My life has not been easy. On the contrary, I many went through. And if you look closely then you will find in my art history of my life.

It is hard for me to write about myself. Biography is the most difficult form of communication and I guess not only for me. But I can show you and tell you about in what I’m doing. What I love.

Love, Longing, Waiting, Anna Spiakowska

Onurah Art
Onurah Art
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