Yang qiaoling | Art China
Yang qiaoling | Art China

Yang Ling – Yang qiaoling, Künstlerin aus China und Meisterin der Tusche auf Reispapier -Xuan paper:

Started to paint at two years old.

I never been to any art school. My mum think, those art school teach you how to paint with skills, styles, forms…To her, all of these are just vacuous formalism. She says, Art is express of emotion and perception of the world. You can’t learn it.

I like only freehand arts. To me, only those manual works have temprature and lasting vitality.

My works are done in one go, no line drawing and never make up or modify. I don’t have fixed style of paintings, cause i can’t stay with monotone. The temperament of my works is just belongs to me.

I think artists should have the spirit of innovation, not always repeat yourself.

At 12 years old i stopped painting. Untill 2009 i pick up the brush again. I can’t explain why.

I used to stay with more than 20 artists in an artist village which name is warehouse number 9 of Zhuhai China. Sounds incredible, I was the only one Ink painter, all the others were oil painters and sculptors. In China, our own culture has marginalized.

In the daytime, i worked as a therapist in TCM clinic; On the night, i was a guitar singer at bar. The part of rest time i spend with ink.

I moved to Austria in 2013. I wish i can get opportunity to show my arts here.

My hand is reaching for you, waiting for a powerful shake , or a sigh of refusal.

No matter how, you know me already.



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